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Tax Return Calculator
2016 - 2017

Alas, it's here again, tax season, a time to take a step back and compare how the year added up financially. It never seems fair that Uncle Sam gets so much of our  income and still piddles it away leaving us with a massive deficit.

So now with that said, it's time to put the governments issues aside and concentrate on our own liabilities to ensure that we have the financial ability to pay any tax return obligation we have to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

We offer the perfect tool with a free to use online tax return calculator that offers a simple and quick way to calculate tax liability in minutes. Simply plug in your general income information and filing status and your on your way to instant results.

Calculators require no personal identification information, use them anonymously...

   Turbo Tax Free Online Tax Return Calculator

   H&R Block Free Online Tax Return Calculator


Using a tax return refund calculator any time of year allows you the freedom to estimate your taxes due prior to preparing your tax return. It also allows you the opportunity all year long to make adjustments in your paycheck withholding or quarterly payments so that your not ending the year with an oversize refund, or owing a substantial amount of taxes. It helps you make adjustments based on your income.

Calculate Tax Return Refund

Many factors come into play when using a tax return calculator for better financial planning:

  • Annual income for the tax year being filed
  • Your filing status, single, married filing jointly, married filing single, head of household
  • Your tax bracket based on income
  • Tax rates are applied to each tax bracket as income goes up
  • Number of dependants you are claiming
  • Number of exemptions to be claimed
  • Tax deductions, credits and benefits
  • Charitable tax donations and contributions

As you can see there are many factors that come into play for a tax return calculator to calculate a fairly accurate federal tax figure on what you owe, or will be getting back from the IRS.

Our simple tax return calculator above is for basic federal income tax but it does  not take Medicare, Social Security, deductions or dependants into account.

To get all these figures for a more accurate result, use the TurboTax tax calculator or the H&R Block tax calculator.

Using one of these tax refund calculator tools will ease your mind so that you can work on your tax return preparation without the anxiety and stress that comes into play when you have no idea where you stand with your taxes financially. Great way to ease your mind.

Once you have a tally from your tax calculation, you can then focus on what your going to do with your refund, fun right? Or if you owe more taxes to the big man Uncle Sam, you can then focus on meeting that obligation.

Get your tax return calculation the easy way today for free. Enjoy!


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